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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Drama, Drama, and Hey – Guess What? More Drama!

I guess in a house full of girls I should expect nothing less. #3 is going to church camp on Wednesday and won't be back until Saturday afternoon. She's fine with going, but that piece of drama involves getting my dad to take her up to the church on Wednesday in time for the bus to pick them up. We were raised conservative, old school, Church of Christ and I left the denomination a few years ago – our home church is a Bible-based, non-denom and my dad is one of those that believes you can't be any religion other than CofC and that it's the only church mentioned in the Bible and therefore our church isn't really a church. All well and good except that dad doesn't hold that opinion to himself and mentions that fact to my girls every chance he gets, which makes them uncomfortable and question me in detail each and every time. No one is really worried about Wednesday except for me.

#2 has some drama issues regarding her natural father and their upcoming visitation, which is supposed to begin this Sunday and go on for two weeks. She doesn't like going over there all too often and really only visits out of sense of duty towards #3 (keeping an eye on her, I suppose), but she's old enough to decide for herself whether or not she wants to go. Well, she doesn't want to go and she told him so this evening and he seemed okay with it, but it took days of her worrying over it and asking my hubby and I constantly what to tell him, what words should she say, etc. He has a habit of trying to "guilt" the girls into going when they don't want to, and when that fails, bribing them with stuff to do. The last time he tried that, he told them for two weeks that he had "special tickets" to some event, but would never tell them what – that it was a surprise, so all three went – even #1 – and they did nothing all weekend. He claimed that he ended up not being able to get the tickets to whatever it was. So anyway, needless to say, she was a little anxious about telling him she didn't want to go. And sure enough, he tried to tell her that it was okay except that now he had no one to watch #3 and that he would have to try to switch things around. We kept telling her to be strong when she spoke with him and for once, she was.

#1 – what can I say except that I am sooooo glad not to have to be a 16-year old girl ever again. She came to me a few days ago in tears and told me that she really still liked her old boyfriend and that she wanted to get back together with him when he had asked her a few weeks ago, but she told him no. I asked her if she had felt that way, why did she say no and her response was that she didn't think it was fair to put him through the uncertainty of her surgery and what she might have ended up like. Whew. Heavy stuff, right? So in my mom's wisdom, I told her that it was never too late, that he really liked her and that if she felt that strongly about it then she should tell him. Well, that's when the extra-super drama began because he didn't return her texts, phone calls went to voice mail and there were no return calls for two days. Well, we know this boy and his family fairly well and I just couldn't believe that he would blow her off, so we drove by his house this afternoon after church and she left a note on his door to give her a call. So tonight, his mom texted her back to let her know that his phone was dead and that he was at band camp and wouldn't be home until next Sun. There was such a look of relief on her face when she came downstairs to show me the text that I couldn't help but be relieved for her.

Life is sure fun some days – but never, ever boring.