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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kitten Tuesday

I can't remember (and am too lazy to go backwards and check) if I ever mentioned that we foster kittens for our local Humane Society (I very often leave off the 'e' on Humane and crack myself up). I jokingly call it kitten recycling; we love them up while they're little and give them back when they start getting to the obnoxious "teenager" stage for adoption. Since I suck big pickles at regularly updating with meaningful content, I figured I'd post a few pictures of some of our previous fosters.  We routinely name them with themes and have had the Kardashian sisters, Dr. Who characters, Greek gods, and more.

The first picture of the black and white tuxie was our very first foster (and Khloe Kardashian) that my middle daughter ended up adopting.  The other two are Kim and Kourtney.


Bonus shot of Khloe now -- isn't she gorgeous???

These guys below are two of our Dr. Who peeps, Amelia on the left and River on the right.  The little one sleeping between the banisters (and giving me a heart attack) was Tardis.


From Supernatural, I give you Castiel and Crowley.

I'll post some from other batches later so you don't go into picture overload.