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Friday, October 18, 2013

Just As Costly As Children

Our oldest cat suffers from severe stomatitis.  We took him to the humane society this morning for what we thought was going to be an extraction because when I quizzed the clinic staff at the last foster visit they said they perform the extractions.  I called again about two weeks ago just to clarify what needed to happen before the surgery.  We took up all the food last night and made ALL THE ANIMALS SUFFER FROM HUNGER, which ended up with a kitten stomping all over me this morning in bed insisting on being fed.  Anywho, after they examined him they determined that the stomatitis was so bad that they couldn't remove his teeth and we were referred to a "cat dentist" and was told that they take walk-ins.

I called the cat dentist from the humane society to see if we could come on in since it was another 20 minutes away (we live approximately an hour from the human society - same city, total opposite sides).  I was told they do NOT take walk-ins and appointment would be necessary.  Their first available was next Thursday.  We got some kitty antibiotics for Fat Boy and headed home.

Here's a Fat Boy fact -- when we adopted him his name was Teddy Bear but that morphed into Joe Bob, then Fat Boy and sometimes Fat Butt or Theodore.

Interesting note -- on the way TO (that fact is important - see above -- we live an HOUR away from the humane society) Fat Boy pooped in the carrier.  And y'all -- it was BAD.  Like roll the windows down and stick your head out of the window bad.  I told the vet tech to totally throw away the towel that we use to line the carrier.  We waited TWO hours to be seen, was essentially sent home (another hour drive) with a cat who was smeared with poo and a carrier painted with it.  Yeah.  Just. Yeah.  I think my nose hairs have been permanently singed because of the nasty.