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Thursday, April 23, 2009


Kels and Kate both got their permits last week and I know consciously that the only way for them to become good, confident drivers is to drive. Oh. My. Goodness. Fear. Of. Death.

I let Kate drive home from school the other day and in-between the bouncing back and forth between the white lines of the lane; the curb checks anytime she turned right (our tires are fine, thank you very much), and the fact that she took out Kels' bike when she parked in the garage -- I wet my pants (although it doesn't take much to accomplish THAT some days).

Tonight I let Kels drive around the neighborhood before taking them to driver's ed and she not one time crossed over 15 miles per hour. She came about six inches from each and every car parked on the street. But the funniest thing was that every time she would turn a corner, she would take her foot off the gas, brake a little bit and nearly go in reverse for going so slow. It just killed me. And the kicker -- the over the top comment? As she was rounding the corner for home, she took her foot off the gas, coasted v-e-r-y slowly around the curve (about negative 2 miles per hour) and stated, "Wow -- I think I should have slowed down for that one." Heh.

Everyone pray for me.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Seventeen short years ago I welcomed my precious baby, Kelsey, into this world. After losing my first pregnancy in a very late miscarriage, Kelsey was my own miracle. All of a sudden, I had a little buddy stuck to my right hip (her hip of preference – thank you very much) everywhere we went. I was fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with her for her first two years and I enjoyed it very much.

Kelsey has overcome so very much in her lifetime that most adults never have to endure. She has proven herself over and over to be such a strong, resilient, child of God – full of hope and anticipation regarding her future. Over the last seventeen years I have laughed with her, laughed at her, worried over her, prayed over her, hurt and wept for her.
Kelsey is not just my daughter, she’s my hero. Happy birthday, baby!