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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Stadium Seizure Support

Last night my husband, girls, and I went to the local high school stadium to see a very prominent collegiate marching band practice.  Sitting on the bleachers in front of us was a young family of six with the baby being an adorable baby boy of about 2-3.  Towards the end of their practice, we saw the little boy take a tumble off the bleachers backwards and my husband said something about the baby falling.  I looked over and I immediately knew that baby was having a seizure.  No lie – I leapt around my husband (not bad for an aging woman, I must say so) and immediately began to hold his little head off the metal floor of the bleachers.  There were two others helping hold his head and shoulders while his dad was on the phone with the paramedics.  Poor mom – I have been right where she was – she was freaking out.  This was only the 2nd seizure that she had ever seen him have.  It lasted well over three minutes.  I've been there -- it's not easy watching your baby seize.  When the paramedics were checking the little one out, I think that I was able to reassure mom, told her some of my daughter's history (while said daughter walked her other little ones around the track to get them away from the drama) and exchanged contact info in case she wanted to talk later. 

I’ve always wondered why this particular child of mine had this particular chronic, debilitating disorder. As time went on, I had the "gut, God" feel that she wouldn't be cured of this, but that this would be used for His good. And it has -- we have been so sought out as a family for medical support, scholastic support, and general support overall. My daughter is such a strong individual, that it speaks to other young epileptics and we are constantly being asked questions as parents and a family. It's not something that I would have ever chosen for her or for us, but God uses it for purposes we will never understand.  Nights like last night don’t ever explain the “why” but it makes more sense of it.