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Monday, July 18, 2011

End of the Potter Era

Like many across the country this past weekend, we took the girls to see the end of the Harry Potter films. Of course, I embarrassed myself by crying like a moron at the end of the movie, but not for the reasons you’d expect. All of their lives I have read the same books and series that the girls have – just one of those “mom” things I guess, to make sure I was aware of what they were doing. I began the Harry Potter books with them when they were just pre-teens. Kels and I would switch off the book, her reading during the day and I would take it at night so that we were both reading at the same time. This happened with each book as it was released. When the movies began to be released, Cam was at the Harry Potter reading age, as well, and so the tradition continued. Reading the books and then watching the movies with all three girls.

At the end of the last film when I began crying, it wasn’t because of any events within the movie. It was because just like in the movie, I had seen one season of my girls pass before me. I started this journey with them and at the end, they had somehow magically turned into beautiful, young women. Oh, how that hits the heart of a mom…