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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Killing Fields

For some reason unknown we are having an unusually high number of geckos and lizards finding their way into the house this spring.  Add to that unusually high number a couple of cats who believe they are nature's great hunters.  Depending on which cat we're talking about, it can be pretty hilarious. For example, Toothless Teddy, (aka FatBoy/JoeBob/Teddy Bear) has not one tooth in his mouth and tries mightily to gum those poor things to death.  Whenever he actually is able to hold one in his mouth (as opposed to having it slip through the gums and run) he generally stalks around the house with his undead kill hanging out.

Khloe, on the other hand, is a seasoned killer.  On any given day we are picking up at LEAST 3 or more carcasses to dispose of.  The poor little things have been getting into our fireplace behind the glass and this is when Khloe displays patience that no one else (humans included) in the house has. She will sit for literal hours in front of the fireplace just waiting for one to poke enough of their body out that she can nab it.  Evidence:

Every once in a while, she'll try to flirt with them to entice them to come out:

And sometimes, she takes pity on FatBoy and will kill his catch for him and generously allow him to carry it around without having to fight to keep it between the gums.

Since I have all girl-children, there is at least of them who is terrified of any type of lizard - dead or alive and will act like this:

Fun times, friend, fun times.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday Thoughts in Gifs

I am just going to throw out there that I tend to have an ADD type personality and while I'm fairly well back on track at work after the hell of the last few weeks, my personal life is all over the map. As a result, this post will be all over the map, not very good, and not very coherent.

I'm trying to put music back in my life.  I've missed it. Playing, singing, all of it.

I left a position at a major hospital to teach school.  I am back and decided to go back to college yet once again.  I mean, how many degrees is too many?  I am feeling like this though:

My emotions are all over the map right now - kinda feel like this most days:

There are lots of things I should be doing, things for family, work, school, etc.

But I just want to be wherever this is.

Drinking one or three of these:

Until next time...

Monday, April 20, 2015


The last couple of weeks since we lost dad have been pretty hard.  Beforehand, even if I didn't talk to him every day, I just had the knowledge that he was "there".  "There" if I needed advice, "there" when I needed to complain about motherhood, "there" just to listen when I needed him to.  Now there's this huge hole in the fabric of my life where dad used to be "there".

I know (and have spoken at times) all the platitudes about how he's in a better place, now he's not suffering, now he's with God, ad infinitum.  And, while all those things might be true, he's still not "there."  And that hurts.  Losing your parents is, unfortunately, one of the pieces of the normal progression of life.  It just is.  And it just sucks.

The manner of my parents deaths has been tough, as well.  My mother died from lung cancer over five years ago.  My dad died from prostate cancer.  Both cancers had spread into their bodies through blood and bone.  The way in which cancer emaciates the body and muddles the mind is horrible. Watching mom didn't seem near as bad, since her mind left long before her body did and she didn't exhibit any outward symptoms of pain.  For dad, the pain was excruciating and he mentally wasn't gone enough except for the last few days to be able to block it. No amount of pain medications seemed to keep him comfortable.  We've all heard the saying that cancer is a bitch.  And she is.  And because of it, I have two parents who aren't "there".

I want to take steps to try to be healthier so that my own girls have a mom as long as possible.  I want to at least attempt to be "there" for them for as long as I can.  I hope I never have to face the bitch, but if I do, at least I'll know that I tried to beat her.

Friday, April 10, 2015

100% Pure Argan Oil by Radha Beauty - Sponsored Post

My family and I received this full-sized sample in the mail of 100% Pure Argan Oil by Radha Beauty.  It's billed as 100% pure and can be used as a moisturizer for dry skin and hair.  Additionally, it comes with this really cool dropper that you can use to control the amount (unlike some open tops where you get half the bottle in one hand). 

I've long used argan oil in my hair to help control the unruly curls, but not for any other uses.  I did try the product in my hair and found that it did help with some of the frizziness that I usually hair.  My husband also helped me use and review this product and here is his take on it.  He states that when used on his hair (extremely curly, coarse hair), it helped to relax the curl and control it some.  He also used it facially, specifically under the eye area where he had a couple of scars and general middle-aged dry skin and fine lines.  When used in this manner, he saw a decrease in the actual scar and a great softening of the area in general.

Overall, this is a great product and we will gladly purchase this again for family use in all manners.  This isn't my first review for Radha products and hopefully will not be the last.  They offer a money-back guarantee on their products if you are not satisfied, but we have yet to have that issue. 

Click here to get yours so that you can begin to see the wonderful results of this product. 


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

One of the Hardest Posts Ever

Five years ago, I posted about the death of my mother and how she could finally run to God as fast in the immortal as her physical body couldn't allow her in the physical. 

This past Saturday, my daddy passed after a long and very difficult struggle with prostate cancer.  As much as losing mom hurt, losing daddy hurts so much more.  Not only was I a "daddy's girl," but I kind of feel orphaned.  I know that this is a normal and natural part of life, the progressive part of getting older and living a long, good life.  I'm not even going to lie, though, this part sucks the biggest pickle ever.  This past week a couple of my daughters hit milestones that I know dad would have loved to hear about because he took so much pride in his grandbabies.  And my hand nearly picked up the phone to dial a number he will never answer again. 

My family considers me the "strong one."  I am not.  I am strong through Christ and I know that He will carry me through this, but the pain is indescribable.  My girls and my wonderful Godly husband are trying their best to support me through this, but it's a day-to-day thing.  As wonderful as the knowledge is that Dad is no longer is the inexplicable pain he'd been suffering through, the hole that his passing has left in my world hurts like nothing ever before.

Thank you all who have commented and reminisced and shared your experiences with dad.  Please know that the family is so very appreciative of each and every response.  If any of you can join us in celebration of his life this Saturday, we would love that.  We do understand if you cannot, though.  Please know that we are thankful that you've played a part of his and our lives.