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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Killing Fields

For some reason unknown we are having an unusually high number of geckos and lizards finding their way into the house this spring.  Add to that unusually high number a couple of cats who believe they are nature's great hunters.  Depending on which cat we're talking about, it can be pretty hilarious. For example, Toothless Teddy, (aka FatBoy/JoeBob/Teddy Bear) has not one tooth in his mouth and tries mightily to gum those poor things to death.  Whenever he actually is able to hold one in his mouth (as opposed to having it slip through the gums and run) he generally stalks around the house with his undead kill hanging out.

Khloe, on the other hand, is a seasoned killer.  On any given day we are picking up at LEAST 3 or more carcasses to dispose of.  The poor little things have been getting into our fireplace behind the glass and this is when Khloe displays patience that no one else (humans included) in the house has. She will sit for literal hours in front of the fireplace just waiting for one to poke enough of their body out that she can nab it.  Evidence:

Every once in a while, she'll try to flirt with them to entice them to come out:

And sometimes, she takes pity on FatBoy and will kill his catch for him and generously allow him to carry it around without having to fight to keep it between the gums.

Since I have all girl-children, there is at least of them who is terrified of any type of lizard - dead or alive and will act like this:

Fun times, friend, fun times.

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