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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I have a couple of pieces of good news. First, I took a lateral transfer here at work and will begin my new position in a couple of weeks. While this is just a lateral move, I am hopeful that it will reduce some of the intense stress that I have each and every day. I do not have a “stress” personality, and to be so drained and stressed out each and every day is taking a toll on my health, my family, and my sanity.

The second part is that I just got my official request to apply for the PCE part of my alternative certification. It’s a little known fact to most people that I am working on my second degree and alternative certification to teach here in the great state of Texas. Getting that request in my inbox was proof that what I have been working towards will shortly come to fruition. I am so over working anywhere in the healthcare industry. Even though it’s a HUGE pay cut to go from my position into education, I feel that this is definitely something that I can do and enjoy for the 2nd half of my working life.

Go me!