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Monday, December 22, 2008

Six-Month Neuro Check-Up

Kels had her six-month post-surgery check up today and it went very well. Her EEG showed no seizure activity at all, which is great! And her neuro discussed changing her from Keppra since Kels is so vehemently opposed to taking (as evidenced by her personal choice to discontinue her meds a few weeks ago!!). The new drug is Lyrica and it’s supposed to be well tolerated. Kel is excited to finally be off the Keppra that she nearly floated out of the neuro’s office.

I don’t mind saying that I’m a little nervous about changing meds, since the Keppra (in addition to the surgery) has been the first time in a very long time that we’ve have seizure control. I know that the game is different post-surgery, however it’s just hard to forget the years and years of medication failures. I am praying that this will work for her with few side-effects. Her neuro says that one of the most common effects is supposed to be some weight gain, but at 113 pounds, I’m not really concerned about that for her right now.

The girls are out of school now for the holidays. They were supposed to go to their father’s for Christmas, but didn’t want to. They chose to stay here for Christmas and then go over there for the weekend after, however, he didn’t care for that and was extremely vocal with them about it. After some heated discussion with them on the phone one night last week it was passed to me and I got the attitude. He told me that they had no choice in the matter, they HAD to come. I very calmly told him that he was mistaken – they DID have a choice. I told him that we always encourage them to see him when it’s his visitation, but that we don’t force them. He then claimed that there were plans that he had made for them for Christmas that they just didn’t understand. I asked him if he told them what those plans were (he is notorious for not telling them what’s going on) and he said no. So I asked him to share with me what the plans were and that I would let them know and encourage them to go. At which point he told me that it was none of my business. Yes, I said, it is my business if he would like for me to talk to them and encourage them to visit. His response was that it wasn’t their business either and that he wasn’t “getting into a pissing match” with me (???) and hung up on me.

Sometimes trying to be fair and do the right thing is just too hard some days. Geez.

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