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Thursday, May 21, 2015

TBT - 2008 Version

In lieu of a REAL post, I decided I'd do a Throwback Thursday picture post dedicated to the year 2008 (because I'm all lazy that way).  They are not in chronological order, because uh, lazy?  Here we go!

The mighty Cam, fierce soccer player.
Kelsey, before her first brain surgery.
And Kelsey after.  Look at girlfriend rockin' the plaids!
Hubs and the girls at church at Easter.
Kate all dolled up for Homecoming.
Pure, unadulterated joy through Bratz at Christmas.  Oh, yeah!
Band kid, Kelsey, who is 4'11" and marched with a bass clarinet.

The hubs, Cam and I waiting for high school band practice to be over!
The tree that ate my backyard and garage, courtesy of Hurricane Ike.

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