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Friday, February 29, 2008

Finally Connected

I finally got my laptop back this past Tuesday. I only had it for one short week, but I didn't realize how accustomed I had grown to it. It sure beats working on a desktop, that's for sure. My wonderful hubby and I went out of town last week for our belated anniversary trip. We go to a little bed and breakfast in Fredricksberg every year. This year, we really needed the relaxing time alone, as it's been a pretty stressful six months or so and we've got another few ahead of us.

#1 has gone nearly two weeks now without a seizure and very few medication side effects. We haven't adjusted her old meds (Trileptal and Lamictal), but we did add Keppra to the cocktail. Her neurologist called me yesterday to give me the final results of the PET scan and to let me know that the neurology board met for the third time to discuss her case and it was decided that she would indeed benefit from neurosurgery. We meet with the surgeon on the 11th for the initial consult and to schedule a date. We are still aiming for early June so that she can have the entire summer to recoup before beginning her extra-curricular activities in late July. I am utterly serious when I say that the thought of brain surgery on my child scares me witless. I know that the alternative is living with the disease, and that's not feasible. However, just imaging her being opened up sends shivers down my spine and prayers up to God.

It's late and I just finished uploading this week's assignments for school, so more updates later.

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