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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Latest Update

Wow – it's been a while since I updated. On the seizure front, this past Friday was our last neurology visit before surgery. Her doc decided to begin to wean her off the Trileptal (ramping down about 300mg per week). We decreased her dose beginning on Saturday and on Monday morning right after arriving at school she lost the feeling in her left arm. Her typical aura is numbness and/or tingling on the left arm and leg. This scared her, as she said it happened very suddenly. She called while we were nearly halfway downtown on the way to work and her phone kept cutting in and out. We couldn't understand her and didn't know if it was because she was in the middle of a seizure or in a part of the school that didn't get good reception. To make my nerves even worse, I couldn't get anyone at any extension I dialed at the school to pick up. I could just imagine #1 somewhere in the middle of this 3000+ student campus seizing. As it turns out, she made it to the band hall, grabbed a buddy of hers and they made it to the nurses' office. Even better news is that they approved our application for homebound instruction for her – the ARD is scheduled for Thursday so that we can officially make it so.

Something funny – I told the nurse while I was signing her out that she wasn't coming back to school no matter what the decision of the homebound coordinator was. The risk of her increasingly seizing (say THAT five times fast) over the next 3-4 weeks is too great to have her at school. When we were checking her out of the attendant's office, the attendant gave us a "Return To School" pass. I told her that we wouldn't need it, that #1 wasn't coming back. She said, "That's okay, she can bring it with her tomorrow for her advisory teacher". I said, "No, she's not coming back at all this year," which gained me a very concerned look from the attendant. She finally said, "Well, she'll need it when she returns to class," at which point I just gave up and took the pass and told her that I'd make sure #1 had it in her backpack at the beginning of her junior year. At that point the nurse and #1 started laughing and we all merrily trudged out to the parking lot.

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