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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Soccer Saturday

You're doin' it wrong!

LOL -- this picture was taken by one of our soccer dads. My husband and I threw up a quick site for the team this spring and we get submissions from the parents. This one just cracked me up!!!

My girls have always played some type of sport. #3 luvs her soccer and we play spring and fall. #2 has the natural grace and athletic ability, but hasn't been able to decide upon a sport until this last year. And her choice isn't really a sport -- it's dance. She is in process of trying out to be a athletic trainer this next year and I hope it works for her because it will keep her involved and active.

#1, poor baby, has no natural grace or ability AND if the sport involves a ball in any way, shape or form, she usually gets hit in the head or gut with it. Example: When she was 6 she played soccer for one term. I can remember her being gung ho until she was rushing the goal at one point and the goalie kicked the ball HARD for a 6 year old and it flew right into her stomach, not only knocking the wind out of her, but knocking her off her feet and on her back in the middle of the field.

Or how's this one: One short year later she decided to try softball (WHY do they call it softball when the ball is harder than a baseball??). That was the very year -- the very season she was diagnosed with epilepsy and she had just gotten out of the hospital the week previous. Her coach was warming up with her and she wasn't paying attention as was her custom. He threw the ball at her and she turned around JUST in time for it to hit her right between the eyes, causing her glasses to go flying and again, knocking her flat on her back. That poor man was beside himself because he had just hit the epileptic in the head with a ball. I think he expected that he was responsible for each seizure she had after that.

Life happens, and for #1, it happens around seizures.

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