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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Keppra Cruelty

I do not like Keppra. I do not like my child on Keppra. Just saying.

#1's attitude takes a HUGE dive with the Keppra. We were told that it could cause moodiness, aggressive tendencies, etc. However, sometimes this normally laid-back, non-agressive, non-violent, sweet young girls turns into the wicked witch of the west, with poisoned daggers shooting out of her eyes, vicious bile-laden words spewing out of her mouth, and OMG!!! -- the stomping around, the carrying on, the tears and the hate (and that's just ME!! You should see HER!!)

By the time we ended up leaving for church last night (which was just an hour and a half after picking her up at school and getting to the house) I was in possession of her laptop, her iPod, and her cell phone. I always tell the girls that while there might be valid REASONS that they feel or act a certain way (like hormones and Keppra) there is no EXCUSE for not controlling what you say or do.

Of course, I ended up giving back the computer and stuff because I am a reasonable person who tries to understand the basis for whatever they are going through. But still...life is tough at our house sometimes.

It's about 9:00 here and all is calm and quiet and normal. I don't know what makes some days worse medication-wise, but today is a welcome respite after yesterday. I came home, piddled in my garden, weeded and watered. I made dinner and the girls had some friends over. I have gotten good family time and life is good.

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