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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Weekend Update

Today was a great day! We spent a lot of time (and a lot of $$$) outside puttering around the yard. We bought some gardenia bushes to fill in a space by the garage that our dog used as his personal digging ground. Took some work, some dirt, and lot of back-aggravating labor, but #1 and I finished it up by dark tonight. Oh, and #3 had to help by sprinkling the gardenias with water just as soon as I put them into the ground. And sprinkling #1 and I in the process.

#3 had soccer yesterday morning and got kicked in the leg by a boy on the opposing team. She is mighty bruised up today. I sounded just like my dad when I told her that there was "No crying in sports!" I can remember my dad telling me the same thing playing softball way back when.

My ex e-mailed us that he had four tickets to the rodeo and that he was sick and wasn't able to take the girls. We didn't plan on going to the rodeo; in fact, we had planned on having a great, kid-free day to ourselves, which is something we don't get often anymore. PLUS, we are both so not crowd people and you can't get much more crowded than the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. So we offered the tix to our middle daughter and a few of her friends. I believe in giving independence in short, controlled bursts so that the kids learn as they go. She did good, though. Spent all her money, but made it home in one piece.

Tomorrow marks three weeks without a seizure for #1. The Keppra addition to her meds seems to be good, however it does turn her into Satan's sister at some points during the week. The nurse did warn us that it could cause aggressive behavior and man, does it ever. BUT it's a small trade-off for being seizure free right now.

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