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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not Always an Adventure

Kels has had some difficulties over the last few months, migraines, increased seizures and auras. Yesterday was her six-month neuro visit and at that point we were told outright that Kels will ALWAYS suffer from seizures. She is one of those few epileptics with intractible seizures that no treatment will work. Out of the four modes of treatment for her (drugs, diet, surgery and the VNS) we are only left with the VNS. Kind of her last, best hope.

Her initial consult with the ENT surgeon that will place the device is Monday. She is so very hopeful that this will help, and so am I. It is so hard to watch my child go through this. She is a young, strong, faithful, beautiful, Christian woman and handles her disorder so well. She very rarely gets down, doesn't have many pity parties -- just sucks it up and keeps on living. She is so brave and very much my hero and inspiration.

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