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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Have Been to Barcelona

Last night we went to dinner at this great little Mexican place around the corner from our house. It was one of those nights where Kait indulges us by gracing us with her presence. Moms of teenage girls – you know how this goes – the horrendous eye-rolling every time I say something, the deep, soul-cleansing sighs when I try to be funny, the put-upon stares to other dining patrons. After about half an hour of trying to engage her in conversation I just gave up.

Right about this point the waiter comes to the table to ask if we needed anything and from the other end of the table I hear Cam say, “I have been to Barcelona.” This was so totally off the mark that I stop talking to the waiter, turn to Cam and say, “Child! You have never been to Barcelona!!” Then Kait beings to laugh hysterically. So I turn to her and say, “This? You’re laughing because Cam believes she’s been to Barcelona?” And Kate goes, “Did you hear what she said? She said I have been to Barf-a-lona”.

Kid humor.

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