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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


This past Monday my youngest daughter started high school.  Like all new beginnings and firsts, this one made me reflect back on her life.  If I close my eyes, I can see her curly blonde hair sticking up every which way.  I can see her blue, blue, blue eyes dancing when she laughs wide and big and carefree.  I remember her first day of preschool and how nervous and excited she was to be around other kids.  I remember her first day of kindergarten, public school, middle school like it just happened a second ago. 

She has grown into such a joyful, funny, intelligent and beautiful young woman with a wicked sense of humor (served with a side of sarcasm).  She loves God and family and friends and music.  Oh, the music.  This kid of mine can be in a different part of the house and I can belt out a line from a song of nearly any genre and she’ll join in and sing with me.  I have videos of this kid singing in the car on road trips of Black Sabbath, Queen, the Village People, Imagine Dragons, Mercy Me, etc.  She’s awesome that way!  I love her so, so, so much that my heart hurts.  I describe my girls like this:  my oldest is that little piece of my heart that walks outside me; my middle is that little piece of my personality that walks outside me; and my youngest is that little piece of my soul that walks outside me. 

So when did this

Become this?

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