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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


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So I’m trying to make a firm decision about when I actually leave my current position to begin my student teaching.  I can either begin in January, 2014 or September, 2014.  While I’m ready to be gone and begin a new career, I’m a little scared at the same time.  I’d be leaving a well-paid, full-time job for the certainty of a three month unpaid student teaching position and then the uncertainty of a job in hand.  There are pros and cons to either jumping in in January or waiting until September. 
January Pros:
  • Sucking it up, buttercup, and getting it done. 
  • Not being here in my current job
  • Greater possibility of finding a teaching contract in March/April
January Cons:
  • Not have a regular paycheck
September Pros:
  • Few more months salary, which in turn leads to…
  • A couple more vacations with the hubs and family (we love our travels)
  • A nearly 5 month break from school (both learning and teaching)
September Cons:
  • Having to stay at my current job for an extra few months
  • Slightly decreased possibility of a teaching contract going into the holidays

I know I don’t talk about it much in print, but there are circumstances currently that make this position much less than desirable and the thought of staying a few extra months is dismaying.  But hey!!  Vacations!!  Money!!  And whether I start in January or in September, I’m fortunate that my husband covers my insurance and other benefits so that’s not a particular worry. 
So, from my vast readership of two – thoughts?

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