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Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up & Grocery Game

Hey ya’ll!  My urge to blog more regularly is there; however, I just never find the time to actually sit and follow through.  I’m going to attempt to be more present on my own blog!  I KNOW that I can do it if I put my mind to it! 

This weekend was pretty low-key.  We stayed at home on Friday night and watched TV and played with the foster babies.  Saturday was a regular old errand and church day and then Sunday was half-hearted football since my beloved Texans didn’t make the playoffs (and then the Cowboys – our other Texas team – lost) and cooking for the week. 

Speaking of cooking for the week, we are a couponing family and usually have a stockpile of pantry and freezer items and find the need to “eat out of the pantry” every few weeks to keep the stock rotated.  Given that, I boiled a whole chicken to give us shredded chicken for the week (chicken enchiladas, shredded chicken for salads, etc.) and about 20 cups of liquid gold (aka, chicken stock) to freeze.  Additionally, I made super-healthy, low-carb egg muffins for the hubby and I for breakfast, and regular Sunday dinner of slow-cooked pork ribs and mac & cheese. 

We do participate in the Grocery Game website and typically save anywhere between 45-75% or so on our weekly grocery bill.  Given that there are five of us in the house, this REALLY saves us serious moolah the majority of the time.  If you’re interested in checking it out, follow the link to The Grocery Game!

In other news, the foster babies are totally forgetting that they are supposed to be skittish and are all over the place. Ayra (the tuxie) has taken to following us around the house randomly and talking to us until we pick her up for some love.  Sansa typically runs around like her butt is on fire and then collapses in a heap on whoever might be sitting down at the time.  God forbid if you disturb her once she collapses in a heap of kitten, because then she begins to grip at you LOUDLY for moving.  This batch of babies are such drama queens, but very lovable. 

Sansa says she is NOT a drama queen.

I’m going to call this a post and will be back later in the week!  

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