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Monday, May 26, 2008

5/26/08 Update

It's been about 2 and a half weeks since #1's 2nd surgery and she's doing great. Because of the continued residual seizures, her neurologist decided to minimally up her dosage of Keppra and since then, she's had really no seizure activity to speak of. What she does have is a rip-roaring case of the "poor me" due to her hair loss. We ended up shaving her head because the surgeon shaved literally half of it off (and it was about 2 foot long to begin with). She looks like a young Sinead O'Connor. The shaved head only emphasizes how petite she is and how fine her bone structure is. She, however, can only mourn for the loss of her hair and it is making her horrible to live with. Physically she is feeling fine (although a little physically tired now and then – that's expected). We have taken her out a couple of times – once for lunch, once to a movie, and once to her little sister's awards ceremony. Each time it's been a battle to get her out, and she will admit that it is because she's self-conscious about her ultra-short hair. There have been times over the last week that I know I'd enjoy poking myself in the eyeball with a toothpick more than going anywhere with her. She won't even begin to think about a cover-up, a hat, or anything else.

We tentatively began her homebound instruction again this past Thursday and she did great. She has a real possibility of being able to finish out the year with no detriment to her scholastically. Math, however, continues to be her Achilles' heel, but if she applies herself for the next 2 weeks then she will even complete that course on time and with a passing grade.

I am having some difficulty getting her Physical and Occupational Therapy scheduled, since all the places that we've been referred to all agree that she needs to be seen sooner rather than later, however, none of them are able to fit her into their current caseload. I'm going to begin calling again tomorrow to see how soon we can get her in.

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