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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Update and Pictures

The grid placement (the wires are attached to the electrodes on the grid on her brain)

The incision for both the grid and subsequent resection (much larger than we expected)

Yeah! First official walk with the Physical Therapist (she gets that keen fashion sense from me, BTW)

My baby lost half her hair from the surgery; she decided to shave the rest so it would grow evenly.

The homebound instructor is here and he and #1 are wrapping up the end of the school year. It looks as though she will pass these two subjects (there are two instructors – one for math and science, one for English and history), even though math will be by the seat of her pants. This year though, that's good enough. At least she won't enter her junior year a half semester behind. We finally heard from the rehab facility yesterday and she is set to begin the week after next, so by the time marching band begins late July/early August, she will physically be ready to start.

Seizure-wise, she hasn't had any seizure activity for a week now. I think that's absolutely incredible. She's sleeping much much better compared to before surgery. I can't remember if I said before, but the medications were never stopping the seizure activity on the brain, so she could never "shut off" at night to sleep. In addition to that, the seizures were tied in some way to her sleep patterns, so the majority of them would occur at night. According to her report, she's sleeping deeper, better, and waking up more refreshed. Her two-week post-op with her neurosurgeon was Tuesday and he was thrilled with her progress.

For the first time in quite a few years I can look forward in her life and see a future that is wide open. It's way too soon to tell yet, but even if she does require minimal meds to continue to retain medical control, it won't impact her life like it would have beforehand. I can envision her future and it doesn't revolve around the epilepsy. Wow. What a concept, right? I guess our goal now is for her to learn how to be a normal teenager and for me to learn to be a normal mom. I can't even imagine it.

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