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Monday, May 5, 2008

Hospital Day 1

It's been a long, tough day. We arrived at the hospital this morning at 6:00 am for #1's surgery. The grid placement went well, her CT looked good, however, they didn't have a bed in the monitoring unit for us until nearly 9:00, so we spent nearly 6 hours in the recovery area waiting. Right before they were to transport us to the unit, #1 had her first seizure. It was a doozy, lasting a minute and a half. The bad part was that none of her electrodes were hooked up because we were still in recovery, not in monitoring. She just had her 2nd one of the evening, lasting a full minute. Hopefully we won't have to wait long for them to see enough good ones to record so that we can get this second surgery over with soon.

My baby is in a lot of pain, the morphine and Tylenol 3 aren't helping much. On top of that, the severe seizures that she is having will have her sore for days afterwards. I know that this is just the first day, however, I guess we expected less pain since it is the brain. I'm guessing that it's actually the incision site itself that is hurting, although she is so out of it that she is unable to verify that. I've spent the majority of this day worrying and crying for my baby. This is just the first day, though, to a life that we are praying will be seizure free.

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